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Many men consider a thick, full beard an essential part of their grooming routine. It allows for personalized styling and enhances facial features. However, uneven growth can prevent some men from achieving their desired look. Beard hair transplant in Delhi is a surgical procedure typically used to address baldness, but it can also be used to restore or create a fuller beard. The demand for this procedure has grown significantly in recent years. Genetics, accidents, or surgeries can all contribute to patchy or nonexistent beard growth. For some men, a full beard is associated with masculinity and confidence.


If any person has a thin beard OR moustache or any patch in the beard where there is no hair, we can implant hair in that patch or increase the density of the beard. This process is known as Beard Reconstruction and requires utmost precision and an experienced hair transplant surgeon to provide optimum results.

For beard hair transplant in Delhi at Chandra Clinic, the roots are taken from the back of the scalp and implanted in the beard using special instruments called implanters. It is very important to take hair and graft that matches with the quality of the beard hair. With the use of implanter the result is absolutely natural. All hair on our body exists at a certain angle, direction and depth . It is very important to recreate hair keeping in mind these parameters to give natural  looking result. There is no cobblestoning and the angle and direction of the hair is like the natural beard, explains Dr. Urvashi Chandra, one of the leading trichologist or the best hair fall doctor in Delhi.

The scabs in the implanted area fall off in 7 to 10 days. After that the skin is absolutely smooth just like before. The hair starts growing within a few days but the full result will come in 6 to 9 months. To enquire about the cost of beard hair transplant in Delhi, please feel free to connect as it will vary as per the number of grafts required by an individual.

There are 2 parts to the procedure: extraction and implantation. For the extraction, patient has to lie face down, local anesthesia is given and required number of grafts are extracted. The entire extraction is done by ultra fine punches imported directly from USA by Dr Urvashi Chandra herself. She strongly believes in doing the surgery herself and not passing it on to technicians.

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In the second part, which Is the implantation, the beard area is anesthetized and the grafts are implanted using implanters one by one the entire process of implantation is done by Doctor Urvashi herself while her team assists her. The implantation is done in a manner to very carefully mimic the natural angle direction and distribution of hair in the beard area. Careful surgical planning as well as the use of high quality instruments ensures that the result is perfectly natural. Absolutely nobody can make out that a transplant has been done. Also the best part about our minimally invasive Bio IPT technique is that patient can join work the next day itself.

Patient is expected to spray saline water over the newly implanted grafts for three days keeping the newly implanted grafts hydrated is very important for their survival.

The new hair first grow and then fall off and then the route starts making new hair which start growing after two months. We can expect full result in eight to 10 months.

Steps of the procedure:

1. After preparing the patient for surgery, he/she is taken into the OT and expected to lie face down. Our broad and comfortable spa beds will ensure that patient is at ease. We expect the patient to sleep since we give a dose of sleeping pills.

2. We then proceed to give local anesthesia to the donor area of the back of the scalp.

3. We extract single and double hair units using ULTRA FINE SHARP MANUAL PUNCHES (PROVEN BEST EXTRACTION TECHNIQUE). This technique ensures super fast healing and undetectable scars.

4. Sorting and counting the grafts is done simultaneously by the assistants.

5. After the extraction, for the implantation, we go ahead with giving local anesthesia to the beard area. One by one very carefully, implantation is done using the latest IMPLANTER pens. The area and design of beard is marked before hand. Implanter pens ensure perfectly natural result and smooth skin after the procedure.

6. After the procedure, patient is given post op kit including saline spray which he has to spray on the implanted grafts for 2 days.


  1. Is the procedure of beard hair transplant in Delhi painful?

    With our careful and gentle anesthesia technique, patient is extremely comfortable at all times, with 95% of our patients never complaining of pain.

  2. When can i join back work after beard hair transplant? 
    The next day itself. that is right. you will have no discomfort to hold you back. however, there will be little scabs in the beard area that will fall off in ten days.
  3. When will we get full result of beard hair transplant?
    Full result usually takes 8 to 10 months.
  4. Is this new hair permanent?
  5. Will there be any marks or scars in the beard area?
    With the use of implanter pens, the possibility of marks is zero.
  6. Will my new beard look like a natural beard after beard hair transplant in Delhi?
    Yes. Natural result is our expertise. We are very sure that it will look no different from a natural beard.

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