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Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi

Can laser hair reduction really be pain free?

Yes! With the in-motion laser that we have at Chandra Clinic, it truly is pain free. Patients who took diode or triple wavelength from other clinics say that those sessions were painful. However, our laser is super comfortable enabling us to provide the best laser hair reduction in Delhi.

How is laser hair reduction helpful?

Laser hair reduction is helpful in reducing hair growth over face and body areas. We require multiple sessions to achieve the same. Laser beam targets the pigment of the hair follicle and eventually causes thermal damage to the hair root. Repeated sittings of the laser will damage the root to such an extent that the root is unable to produce hair. Both face laser hair reduction and full body laser hair reduction in Delhi are commonly requested procedures.

Various technologies available for Laser Hair Removal in Delhi, Pitampura include diode, IPL, ND-YAG, and triple wavelength laser. Consult with doctor today!

What are the various technologies available?

There are many technologies used to do the same such as diode, IPL, ND-YAG and triple wavelength laser. All are equally effective if given with the right energy and pulse width, explains Dr. Urvashi Chandra, best laser hair reduction doctor in Delhi.

All light of wavelength ranging from 650 nm to 1100 nm targets the melanin pigment of hair and can cause hair reduction.

What can be the side effects of laser hair reduction?

The side effects in rare cases can be superficial burns which usually settle down in 5 to 7 days. One does not have to worry about it when the procedure is performed at Chandra Clinic, the best laser hair reduction clinic in Delhi. All treatments are carried out under an experienced dermatologist’s guidance and supervision.

Some people experience acne or zits which can be with topical creams.

What is shedding growth?

Some people experience that even after laser hair reduction, the hair grows for 5 to 7 days. This is absolutely normal since this is the small hair that was already formed in the root even before the laser. This hair sheds off in 7 days.

Is laser hair reduction equally effective in all?

No, since hair growth depends a lot on your hormonal profile and sensitivity the results of laser hair reduction in Delhi vary. PCOD people generally have to take more laser sessions. To reduce the hormonal sensitivity of your hair, one must lead a healthy lifestyle i.e. eat nutritious home cooked food, exercise and maintain a normal weight range.

How many sittings are required to achieve permanent removal with laser hair reduction?

There is no fixed number. It varies from person to person depending upon the individual hormonal profile and hair growth tendency.

Is laser hair reduction recommended for men as well?

Of course! We now have a lot of men coming in for full body laser hair reduction. Men can take sittings according to the amount of hair they want to reduce, per session roughly there is 15% hair reduction. To enquire about laser hair reduction for men in Delhi, please feel free to contact us!

Is laser hair reduction safe for the bikini area/pubic area?

With the painless in-motion laser that we have, yes bikini laser hair removal in Delhi at Chandra Clinic is highly safe and painfree.

How is the laser hair reduction procedure done?

Area is first shaved off to leave only the hair tip at the top. This tip of the hair will absorb laser energy. After that, laser shots are given. The patient is then free to go home and resume all regular activities. To enquire about laser hair reduction cost in Delhi, please feel free to contact us!

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