Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi

Hair transplant through our signature Bio-IPT method is a very simple and convenient procedure. Bio-IPT is a zero downtime hair transplant technique in which patients can join work the next day itself. After this procedure, patients do not need to rest or take any break from their office or personal schedule.

How is the procedure done?

In the Bio-IPT method, hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp which serves as the donor area. The back of the scalp is intrinsically resistant to the action of male hormones which is why hair loss does not happen in that area. We take these roots which are resistant to the action of testosterone and implant in the front in the balding area. This procedure is done by none other than Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a leading hair transplant surgeon in Delhi and it may take one or more days depending upon the requirement of the patient. If a large area has to be covered then we may use other donor areas apart from the scalp to extract hair. We can use the beard or chest as well to extract hair and implant it into the balding scalp area for hair transplant.

For the procedure, we give local anesthesia to the patient in the area from which the hair is to be extracted. Once all the hair is extracted, we keep the hair in graft solution so that the grafts are preserved. The head is extracted using ultra-fine sharp punches so that there is no scarring after hair transplant and the healing in the donor area is very fast. For the implantation process, we once again give local anesthesia in the bald area, and using implanter pens we implant the grafts very carefully through the ‘no-touch to root' technique. Hence, Bio-IPT is considered to be one of the most successful techniques.

After the procedure a bandage is done over the donor area. The implanted area is left open. The implanted area has to be sprayed with saline water every 15 minutes. A spray bottle with saline solution is given to the patient to spray the newly implanted grafts. Hydration is extremely crucial for the newly implanted grafts for their survival and best results. This spraying has to be done for two to three days after the procedure. Some routine medicines like antibiotics are given to the patient for three days after their procedure. With the Bio-IPT procedure, we do not routinely give painkillers since the procedure is very comfortable for the patient. There is also no or minimal pain after the procedure.

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Delhi

What precautions are to be taken before the procedure?

For one week before the procedure, the patient has to discontinue applying minoxIdil. the patient also has to discontinue multivitamins and any other blood-thinning medications. Any medications used to control high blood pressure or diabetes should be continued. If the patient has dandruff, he/she is advised to use an anti dandruff shampoo every day starting from a week before the procedure.

What are the pre-surgery steps?

Before starting the procedure the patient is given some medications. Photos of the patient are clicked highlighting the area of hair loss and also photos are taken along with the new hairline designed. Regular examination of blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen etc. is done. If the patient has not had local anesthesia previously, a local anesthesia sensitivity test dose is given. The head is shaved accordingly; if the requirement of the patient is not too many grafts then with the Bio-IPT procedure we can also do a completely unshaven hair transplant session. The patient is made to change into an OT dress.

What is the post-surgery process?

After the hair transplant surgery in Delhi the patient is given a bandage over the donor area the patient is also given a kit in which there are medicines that the patient has to take for three days after the procedure. There is also a saline spray bottle since the patient has to spray saline over the transplanted area for three days patient is also given an antibiotic ointment that has to be applied over the donor area every day the patient is also given instructions regarding how to take care of the newly implanted grafts also the patient is told about the sleeping position.

What is the hair transplant surgery cost in Delhi?

This will depend on the number of grafts required and also the number of sittings/sessions required after evaluation by the doctor.


What are the instructions for the after-surgery care?

  • After the surgery, the patient is advised some medicines.
  • For three days the patient is also given a saline spray bottle that he/she has to spray over the implanted area every 15 minutes.
  • On the first day and every half an hour the second and the third day the patient is also advised to avoid sun exposure.
  • For the next one week he/she can start wearing a cap.
  • From the second day of the procedure, all patients join their work or their regular activities which possible only because of the minimally invasive Bio-IPT method at Chandra Clinic, the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi.
  • Patient has to avoid vigorous exercise for initial 10 days. He/she can start mild exercise like walking but no weight lifting for at least 10 days.
  • After 10 days the patient has to start applying minoxidil solution over the transplanted area to promote faster and thicker growth of the transplanted hair.
  • For all out of station patients, we routinely follow up through WhatsApp or email where the patients send us their photographs every month so that can keep track of the progress of the transplanted hair.

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✱ Opinion / Results may vary person to person
✱ Opinion / Results may vary person to person
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