Female Hair Transplant in Delhi
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Female Hair Transplant in Delhi

Increasing number of women today have started to have a lot of hair thinning particularly in the center area of the scalp. The reason for this hair thinning is multi factorial including hormonal fluctuations, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and stress being one of the biggest factors. Thankfully we have a solution.

Unshaven Female Hair Transplant in Delhi

Now we can manage hair thinning through hair transplant and different treatments to stop further hair fall.  In women we do the hair transplant absolutely discreetly. The entire procedure involves no shaving. After taking roots from the back of the scalp the roots are implanted in the front area using our innovative bio IPT technique. The roots start making new hair and the full coverage is attained in 10 months. The results of female hair transplant in Delhi are very satisfactory with patients saying that the bald area is completely covered. The beauty of the bio IPT technique is that the downtime is nil. The patients are able to join back their regular activities the next day itself. There is minimal pain and bleeding also because of our specialized instruments. The results are beautifully natural. Since there is no shaving involved, women are able to step out looking exactly the same as they looked when they arrived at the clinic. The same unshaven procedure can be done in men as well. The huge advantage being that patients are looking exactly the same as they did before the procedure. Unshaven hair transplant is a fine skill known to only a few surgeons across the globe with our signature bio IPT technique. Unshaven female hair transplant in Delhi is as smooth as ever with absolutely no side effects. Along with the hair transplant we always advise our patients for regular hair treatments so that we are able to save and enhance the beauty of existing hair since we understand that preventing further hair fall is as important as implanting new hair with a hair transplant.

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1. Can women undergo a hair transplant?
Yes, with our signature Bio IPT technique it is very easily achievable.

2. Do women have to shave for a hair transplant?
At Chandra clinic there is no shaving involved for women which means that the downtime is 0.

3. Will the hair transplant be very visible and noticeable?
Unshaven female hair transplant in Delhi at Chandra clinic is very discreet and is almost unnoticeable.

4. What are the post procedure instructions?
After the procedure women only have to spray saline and take antibiotics for two days so this is very easy to follow. 

5. For how many days do I have to refrain from my regular activities and take rest?
Not even a single day. Unshaven female hair transplant in Delhi at Chandra Clinic has zero downtime so you can start all your regular activities from next day itself there is no need for any rest.

6. What are the pre procedure instructions?
Before coming to the clinic, patients have to shampoo their head, have breakfast, avoid tea and coffee, wear a front open shirt or top. They need to consult the doctor before taking any medicine.

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easy unshaven hair transplant in women or men is now so smooth! #unshavenhairtransplant

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