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Body Hair Transplant in Delhi

Body Hair Transplant in Delhi is a very commonly requested procedure. However, we understand that in some people the scalp donor area is not enough to cover the balding area.

Body Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

At Chandra Clinic, we offer use of beard hair and chest hair to implant into the scalp. By using body hair we are able to overcome any deficiency in the scalp donor, explains Dr. Urvashi Chandra, one of the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. This way we are able to give a full head of hair with body hair transplant in Delhi to any person irrespective of his scalp donor area.

Body hair transplant is a skill known to only some best surgeons in the globe. For body hair transplant the most common donor is the beard. Beard hair are hard and thick which is why they give good coverage and density. However they look a little different and wiry as compared to scalp hair. That is why we never use beard hair in the hairline. Beard hair transplant is done in combination with scalp hair. The hair form the 2 different donor areas i.e.  beard and scalp are always mixed during implantation so as to avoid the beard hair from being visible prominently. This ensures an extremely natural looking result. Putting beard hair alone in any area can make the result look unnatural since beard hair grow to look hard, wiry, wavy or curly. The great advantage of using beard hair is the excellent coverage they provide, and high survival rate. What is also very important is to take maximum beard from below the jawline  and not from the beard on the face. We use ultra fine sharp punches to extract hair so that chances of marks or scars is minimal. We routinely give post-op ointments to patients to me minimize chances of marks. 

The second most common area for body hair extraction is the chest. However the chest hair have some criteria to be called good donor area like

1. Length of chest hair

2. Density per cm square of chest hair

3. Thickness of individual hair.

If the hair are fine and not too long, then they will not be good donor area and we should not try to extract hair from here.

With the advent of body hair transplant, now we are able to give full coverage to even grade 6 androgenetic alopecia cases. From the scalp we can take anywhere between 5000 to 8000 grafts and from beard from 1500 to 3000 graft, varying from person to person. So by mixing the 2 donor hair, we can cover large parts of bald area also.

Steps of the procedure:

1. Prepare the patient for surgery. Mark the area to be implanted on the scalp. Mark the areas of beard or chest from where extraction will be done.

2. Ask the patient to lie down with face up and neck has to be hyper extended.

3. Give local anesthesia in the beard area.

4. Extract grafts using ultra fine thin Sharp punches.

5. Count and sort the grafts simultaneously.

6. Ask patient to lie face down and extract grafts from the scalp donor as well.

7. After a lunch break, start with implantation. Patient will lie face up and local anesthesia will be given.

8. Beard and scalp grafts are mixed and implanted.

9. For the hairline only scalp grafts are used go natural look.

10. Clean and bandage the donor area. Implanted area is kept open.

To know about the body hair transplant cost in Delhi, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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1. Is body hair transplant in Delhi successful?
Beard hair survival is very high and coverage value is excellent. Chest hair also has good survival up to 70%, so it is not as good as beard as donor area. Other areas of the body like leg hair are not good donors as the hair quality and survival is poor. 

2. Can body hair be used for higher grades of alopecia with extensive hair loss?
Yes, that is the very idea behind using body hair: to be able to give coverage to high grade hair loss patients as well. 

However, even in lower grades, in young patients, we can use body hair so that we are able to spare and conserve scalp hair donor for future use. 

3. Why the need for body hair? Why can’t we extract as many grafts needed from scalp? 
This is because we need to conserve scalp hair donor in order to preserve the look and aesthetics of the scalp. We cannot empty the scalp donor by over extracting. Else it will look unpleasant. Also, there will be a lot of scars and marks if we over extract from scalp. That is why we depend upon body hair when we need high no of grafts. 

4. Can we use body hair alone in transplant? 
Though we can, but it is not recommended since body hair look and qualities are different. So always it should be mixed with scalp hair. 

5. Is body hair transplant in Delhi painful?
Giving local anesthesia over a wide area of body can be challenging. But pain-free surgery can be achieved by slow and gentle anesthesia delivery. 

6. How soon does the healing happen? 
Body donor area heals quickly depending upon the post-op care. So regular application of moisturizing antibiotic creams and ointments is very helpful in quick healing. 

7. When will I get full result? 
Full result comes in 8 to 10 months. 

8. Is this hair permanent?
Yes. Unless you have been through severe stress, or illness or have a poor lifestyle, smoke etc, we can assume transplanted hair to be permanent. Age related thinning is something unrelated to transplanted hair specifically, since all hair on the scalp undergo age related thinning. 

9. How much does body hair transplant in Delhi cost?
To know about the body hair transplant cost in Delhi, please get in touch with Chandra Clinic, the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi as the cost depends on many factors.

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