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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

Chandra Clinic - the very name has become a synonym for perfection. And, the reason is that we have been a trusted skin & hair clinic by thousands of our patients for our work because of zero compromise on quality, at a reasonable price.

Why Patients choose Chandra Clinic

For the last 10 years, we have been doing dermatology, hair transplants, hair loss treatments and cosmetic treatments very passionately. And, our patients can see our dedication and passion for our work, our love and care towards them, which is why we are the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. Of course, behind being the No. 1 skin and hair clinic, lies the unwavering support of our beloved patients!
Best Skin and Hair Clinic Awards
Best Skin and Hair Clinic Awards
Best Skin and Hair Clinic Awards
Best Skin and Hair Clinic Awards
Best Skin and Hair Clinic Awards
Best Skin and Hair Clinic Awards
Best Skin and Hair Clinic Awards
Best Skin and Hair Clinic Awards
We take pride in saying that we have qualities that are unique
and exactly what every patient dreams of :
  • Highly educated and experienced team of dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons.
  • Doctors and staff are always available to talk post procedure also, to take care of any problems.
  • All treatment and procedures are done according to latest international updates and guidelines.
  • Very soothing, comfortable and aesthetically elegant clinic interiors that make the entire journey of consultation, hair transplants and skin treatments a very pleasant experience.
  • Systematic and meticulous protocols for patient photography and maintenance of all records.
  • Compassionate and warm staff that will take care of you throughout the procedure.
  • State of the art machines, gadgets and instruments for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Rigorous cleaning and sterilization of the clinic at all times to eliminate chances of any kind of cross infection.
  • Best possible treatment recommendation depending upon your problem. In short, customized skin and hair treatments are provided at Chandra Clinic, Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi.
  • All this, in a very reasonable price range!
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Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Pitampura

How we have grown to this level is no surprise. Each of our patients has been sending us many more because of their satisfaction with our treatments. And, that is how we plan to grow in the future as well - by word of the mouth. Patients sending more people is one of the most satisfying experiences for any doctor and we express our heartfelt gratitude for the same.
We understand that every patient visiting the clinic is not only physically, but also emotionally disturbed about his or her problem, with which they have been struggling for a long time. Which is why we strive to provide not only treatment that’s effective, but an entire experience that is relaxing and de-stressing for the patient. Our aim as a leading Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Pitampura is to instil new hope and positivity in our patients, and free them of all their worries, while our treatment improves their problem.
No wonder, our patients speak to us like their friends, and not doctors actually.
And, we totally love that!
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