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Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a renowned hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, sees a lot of patients who are concerned about their untimely hair loss. She, too, believes that it is a cause for concern. If not addressed promptly, it may result in total baldness or permanent hair loss. But there is good news for people who are suffering and concerned about their hair loss, whether it is patchy or complete.

Our premier hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Urvashi Chandra, performs the most modern hair transplant treatments at Chandra Hair Clinic. Our expert surgeon is an MBBS, MD - Dermatology, Hair Transplant Surgeon, and Cosmetic Dermatologist, who is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons.


We all know that to obtain the desired results safely necessitates getting treatment from a skilled surgeon. However, one thing that strikes one’s mind is how to find the right surgeon for a hair transplant.

Before learning the same, let’s first understand “Why Choosing A Right Hair Transplant Surgeon Is Essential?”

With the rising demand for hair transplants, clinics run by general practitioners are now offering hair transplants at low prices. Altogether, cheaper, unauthorized clinics make misleading promises and provide enticing discounts, lure desperate hair loss sufferers, and leave them with regrets. As a result, hiring uneducated and incompetent doctors can lead to irreversible hair follicle damage, botched treatments, poor results, and empty wallets.

Moreover, getting natural-looking outcomes while being safe is essential. Thus, whenever a person decides to get a hair transplant, the first goal should be to find a skilled hair transplant surgeon.

Now, let’s understand the basic criteria to find the right hair transplant surgeon. An individual should look for a surgeon considering factors such as:

  • Surgeon’s Qualification & Expertise- It is preferable to choose a doctor for a hair transplant who has specialization as well as expertise in the hair transplant field. Without any specific training or qualification, one should not choose any physician to do hair restoration procedures. It can have undesired results and problems.
  • Technique Used- With advances in medical technology, there are currently numerous techniques for performing hair transplants. A professional surgeon, on the other hand, will only have the creative ability and competence to pick which approach will be best suited to achieve natural results.
  • Should Provide a Thorough Consultation- A top-rated hair transplant doctor understands the value of a thorough consultation. Search for a doctor who delivers a detailed analysis, guides you through the treatment options, and also describes how the recovery would appear.
  • Learn More About the Doctor's Staff- Hair transplantation is an advanced procedure that consists of numerous steps. The doctor's team performs some of the sections. As a result, comprehend the doctor's and the surgical team's roles in the procedure. Learn about the medical staff's skills as well, as they play an equally important role in the procedure.
  • A surgeon with Artistic Abilities: A hair transplant surgeon must have aesthetic abilities in order to position the grafts according to the patient's face profile, age, and gender. It is vital for designing the hairline and implanting the grafts in order to get the best aesthetic output of the procedure.

To learn more about these factors and other important factors, watch the above video on “How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon?” The video by our leading hair transplant surgeon in Delhi will provide expert and helpful insights.

Tips to Choose The Right Hair Transplant Surgeon | Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi


As we have already established the importance of selecting the correct surgeon, let us now examine what makes our competent surgeon, Dr. Urvashi Chandra, the greatest hair transplant surgeon in Pitampura, Delhi:

1. Surgeon's Credentials
  • Dr. Urvashi Chandra earned her MBBS from the Government Medical College in Miraj, Maharashtra.
  • Afterward, she pursued MD in Skin, VD, and Leprosy from Dr. Sampurnanand Medical College in Jaipur.
  • During her MD, she learned dermatosurgery, cosmetic dermatology, and hair transplantation from some of India's greatest dermatologists and dermatosurgeons.
  • After completing her MD, looking at her medical background and education, she got selected for advanced training from international hair transplant doctors from Greece.
2. Experience

The best hair transplant doctor in Pitampura, Delhi, Dr. Urvashi Chandra, has more than 12 years of expertise.

  • She began her professional career as a Consultant at New Look Laser. After that, considering her interest in hair transplant procedures, she worked as a hair transplant surgeon with DHI.
  • After gaining extensive training and experience, Dr. Urvashi established her own world-class hair transplant centre, Chandra Hair Clinic, in 2015.
  • Here, she was able to pursue her passion by combining her knowledge and experience to produce incredibly satisfying outcomes.

Her expertise has made her well known as the best hair transplant surgeon in Pitampura, Delhi, for delivering successful and natural-looking hair transplants utilizing cutting-edge techniques.

3. Certifications & Achievements

The expert doctor has varied certifications and achievements. Some of the worth mentioning are:

  • Diplomate of the American Board - In 2014, Dr. Urvashi was awarded the certificate of Diplomate by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS). This recognition made our surgeon stand apart from the crowd since it was not an easy undertaking.
  • In 2019, our expert surgeon was awarded the “Best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi” award by veteran Cricketer Madan Lal.
  • In 2012, our surgeon was invited as an international hair transplant trainer at the AEGEON Masters Meet in Athens, Greece, to teach aspiring surgeons how to conduct a perfect hair transplant.
  • Authored 2 articles on hair transplant that got published in India Today, the Leading Magazine In India.
  • Our surgeon is an examiner for young hair transplant surgeons in ABHRS in Prague and Dubai.
  • Our surgeon has represented as the speaker on hair loss at multiple national conferences, like the National Dermatology Conference Pan India.

These top accomplishments have elevated her to the status of not only the top hair transplant doctor in Delhi but also a leading and acknowledged hair transplant specialist on an international scale.

4. Surgeon’s Approach:

A hair transplant is not only a transformative procedure, but it is also an emotional tour for the one dealing with it. To make this procedure a cakewalk for one, building a patient-doctor relationship is a must.

  • Our surgeon takes a comprehensive approach, always thinking the best for the patient. She always suggests the greatest hair treatments for patients.
  • She recommends hair transplant surgery only if basic medicines and GFC therapy fail. In those cases, a transplant is essential.
  • Dr. Urvashi makes sure the patient understands the entire procedure. Her exceptional attitude to her patients has greatly enhanced their beauty, self-esteem, and confidence.

Patient’s Personal Testimonial for Hair Transplant | Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi


Dr. Urvashi specializes in providing effective hair transplants utilizing advanced techniques such as FUT, FUE, and her signature technique, BIO-IPT. Based on the patient’s needs, baldness stage, hair type, and many other factors, the suitable technique is suggested by our best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Let’s understand a bit about these advanced techniques:

  • Uses ultrafine COLE punches imported from USA
  • Uses implanter pen for implantation of follicles
  • Micropunches made to extract single follicles
  • Extracted follicles are implanted to the recipient area.
  • Strip of hair taken to extract grafts.
  • Extracted grafts are implanted in required areas similar to FUE procedure.
  • Also known as U-FUE.
  • transplantation of hair follicles without shaving donor or recipient area
  • Rest similar procedure followed like in FUE
  • Advantages
  • Donor area with 0 scarring
  • High-graft survival rate
  • 100% natural results
  • Minimal downtime & quick healin
  • No visible scarring
  • Less downtime
  • Quick recovery time
  • Shorter surgery time
  • Cost-effective
  • Transplants large number of grafts in a single setting
  • No need to cut or shave hair
  • Short recovery time
  • Most preferred options for female
  • Ideal For Candidate
  • Male and Female Pattern Hair loss
  • Restore thickness and volume
  • Male and Female Pattern Hair loss
  • Stable hair loss
  • To increase volume
  • Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss
  • Full Coverage
  • Sufficient donor area
  • Mild to moderate hair loss
  • Deter from cutting or shaving their hair
  • Note: Our surgeon determines the best treatment technique after a thorough consultation with the patient.


    Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a famous hair transplant surgeon in Pitampura, Delhi, provides a variety of treatments for hair loss and hair fall. Based on the patient's situation, the treatment choices are classified into two broad categories: hair fall and hair loss (which might be partial or complete hair loss).

    If the hair fall treatments don’t work out and the patient's condition is identified as a case of hair loss, then a hair transplant is only a sought-after option. Utilizing the advanced techniques, our skilled hair transplant surgeon in Delhi performs varied transplants for different concerns.

    1. Scalp Hair Transplant
    • This procedure is used to treat male and female pattern hair loss disorders.
    • This scalp hair loss treatment method includes harvesting hair follicles from a specific donor area, often the back or sides of your scalp, before implanting them in any parts of the head where there is balding or thinning.
    • Hair transplant techniques such as FUE, FUT, or BIO-IPT are utilized depending on the patient's condition.
    2. Beard Reconstruction
    • A beard is so important for appearance; losing one can be psychologically traumatic. Beard reconstruction surgery is minimally invasive and has a comparatively short recovery time.
    • After harvesting the follicles from your scalp, the surgeon will administer local anesthesia, where the implants will be implanted.
    • The surgeon will next transfer each follicle into your facial skin, sculpting your new desired beard.
    • The hairs that are transplanted into the beard are usually permanent, and with modern technology, the treatment appears very natural.
    3. Eyebrow Reconstruction
    • Individuals who want fuller, thicker brows choose it.
    • Our professional surgeon will perform eyebrow transplantation to give you a defined look while also producing natural results.
    • Obtaining natural results is essential, which necessitates not only transplanting expertise but also artistic abilities. This is why most individuals consult Dr. Urvashi Chandra, our skilled hair transplant doctor in Delhi.
    4. Body Hair Transplantation

    Body hair transplantation, or BHT, is a safe and efficient treatment for hair loss at the scalp or practically anywhere on the body.

    • It involves grafting (harvesting) hair from areas such as the beard, chest, back, or legs and transplanting it into particular areas to achieve better coverage and fuller hair densities.
    • When there is no donor area on the scalp, our surgeon recommends this procedure.
    • Transplanting hair from different body parts is a difficult task that necessitates extensive skill and competence.
    • This is a cutting-edge treatment that is only used by the most qualified surgeons like ours around the world.

    Hair Fall Treatments Offered By Dr. Urvashi Chandra

    Our expert hair transplant surgeon follows a meticulous approach where she suggests advanced treatment for controlling hair fall. The treatments offered are-

    GFC Therapy
    • GFC, also known as Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy, involves concentrated growth factor preparation derived from the candidate's blood cells.
    • Various growth agents are added to blood pl-at-el-ets, and then the collected GFC is delivered to the location for treatment with precision instruments by professionals.
    • The total process involves no pl-at-el-et loss, is non-pyrogenic, secure, and naturally regenerates damaged tissues.
    • This cutting-edge hair loss treatment allows patients to achieve the optimum outcomes in only 3-4 sittings.
    Laser Helmet (LLLT)
    • The laser helmet is a very convenient at-home hair growth gadget. It works based on a technique known as low-level light treatment (LLLT).
    • The laser cap delivers LLLT to the scalp, stimulating hair follicles in areas of hair loss. The scalp’s cells absorb the laser light, which stimulates metabolism and protein synthesis.
    • The total process involves no pl-at-el-et loss, is non-pyrogenic, secure, and naturally regenerates damaged tissues.
    • The benefits of this procedure include increased hair volume and count, reverse hair thinning, and strengthening hair follicles.
    Also learn: Most Common Questions Related to Hair Transplant.

    7 Common Questions About Hair Transplant | Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi


    When considering a hair transplant, many people are concerned about what the results will be like. However, looking for an expert hair transplant surgeon, the techniques used, specialization, doctor's approach, and many other factors are important, but reviewing patient testimonials and real results is an equally important factor. This not only gives the candidate a snapshot of the surgeon's ability, but it also gives the candidate confidence in the process and results.

    Consider the following samples of before and after results acquired by our wonderful patients of Chandra Hair Clinic:

    View Hair Transplant Surgery Before and After photos of successful results by Dr. Urvashi Chandra.
    View Hair Transplant Surgery Before and After photos of successful results by Dr. Urvashi Chandra.


    Choosing Dr. Urvashi Chandra, the top hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, ensures the following-

    Long-term Outcomes
    • Because the outcomes are permanent, hair transplantation is the best treatment for hair loss.
    • The type of hair transplants used and how they are managed have a significant impact on the longevity of the results.
    • That’s why the amount of hair grafts collected by our expert hair transplant doctor in Delhi is critical since too many grafts can result in overharvesting and violation of the safe zones.
    Natural-looking Outcomes
    • Hair transplant surgery must be conducted by a hair transplant surgeon who possesses exceptional surgical abilities as well as creative skills.
    • To produce natural-looking outcomes, hairline design is an important part of the hair transplant technique.
    • Dr. Urvashi Chandra knows that hairline design is unique to each person and can only be determined during a comprehensive consultation.
    To be in Good Hands
    • Because hair transplant is a surgical process that involves essential frameworks, it should only be performed by skilled professionals.
    • Getting a hair transplant from our surgeon ensures the best and most successful results with no complications.

    Dr. Urvashi Chandra, our top hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, believes in three things above all:

    • Expertise: Our doctor is an internationally recognized specialist in her profession, and she is dedicated to providing the best possible care. It is also her mission to pass on her knowledge to the next generation while continually working to improve herself.
    • Experience: Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a renowned hair transplant surgeon, has been offering exceptional care for hair restoration procedures for over 11 years. She is a pioneer in numerous domains, such as advanced hair transplantation, dermatology, and lasers.
    • Ethics: Our specialist believes in the responsibility of her profession and is dedicated to her patient's best interests. She despises and opposes the commercialization of medicine and believes in providing evidence-based standards of treatment to all segments of society.

    Chandra Hair Clinic is worldwide acclaimed for providing the best cosmetic hair transplantation services available anywhere in the globe under one roof. Our clinic, which is located at 12 Rajdhani Enclave, near Shiv Mandir, Shree Nagar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034, is in an idyllic location away from the city's hustle and bustle. It has cutting-edge infrastructure and the most advanced technologies available.

    Moreover, begin your adventure to get an effective hair transplant with our premier hair transplant doctor in Delhi, Dr. Urvashi Chandra, by visiting Chandra Hair Clinic today!

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