Eyebrow Reconstruction
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Eyebrow Reconstruction in Delhi

A very important and distinct feature of our face is our eyebrows! 

Well shaped and dense eyebrows make a person look young and attractive. Whereas, thinning eyebrows are a sign of aging. Thin eyebrows make a person look unattractive and tired. At Chandra Clinic, we do eyebrow hair transplant to reconstruct the eyebrows. The hair is taken from the back of the scalp. 

The eyebrow hair transplant performed by Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a leading hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, is a single day procedure with no downtime. Within 6 months the hair in the eyebrows grows to give a completely natural look. The results of this procedure of eyebrow reconstruction in Delhi are permanent.

Steps of the procedure:

1. Patient is prepared for the surgery. Exact shape of eyebrows to be reconstructed is marked according to the shape and features of the face and also according to patient preference. Measurements are taken and Photos are clicked.

2. Patient has to lie face down on our very comfortable spa bed.

3. Anesthesia is given in donor area which is the back of scalp, particularly the sides and nape of neck where the hair are thin, matching to natural eyebrow hair.

4. Extraction of these thin hair is done. 

5. After a lunch break, patient is asked to lie face up, local anesthesia is given in the eyebrow area.

6. Implantation is done with 0.7 or 0.8 mm implanter for fine hair.

7. Hair are implanted in the exact same angle (which is very acute for eyebrows, almost 10-20 degrees) and direction as natural eyebrows.

8. Post procedure, patient is given post-op kit including medicines and saline spray. Implanted eyebrows have to be sprayed with saline every half an hour.

9. The scabs formed after the procedure in the implanted area will fall off in 10 days. So skin will be smooth again like it was before procedure.

2. Hair growth will start slowly with full result coming anywhere around 8 months.

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FAQS About Eyebrow Reconstruction in Delhi

  1. Is eyebrow hair transplant / eyebrow reconstruction safe?

    Yes, absolutely. There are no side effects of the procedure.

  2. Will new hair grow and look exactly like natural eyebrow hair?

    With the use of special instruments, the result will be absolutely natural. However, they may grow faster than natural eyebrow hair. So they need frequent trimming which is easy to do.

  3. Is it possible to reconstruct eyebrows in exactly the same look and pattern as natural eyebrows?

    Reconstructing eyebrows needs a lot of skill, expertise, experience and the right set of instruments. Many clinics in order to reduce prices compromise on the quality of the procedure, thus not giving good results. However, at Chandra clinic, the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, we have extreme dedication to do the best job always. Which is why Dr. Urvashi herself does the surgeries and use high quality instruments. So you can rest assured that result will mimic natural eyebrows.

To know more about the eyebrow reconstruction in Delhi please feel free to contact us at +91 88 0000 8060 or info@chandrahairclinic.com.

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