Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy
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GFC is an innovative hair growth treatment which is done to increase the hair density for thinning hair. It works wonderfully to increase hair thickness and give complete scalp coverage, explains Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a leading hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. It is ideal for people who have recently started losing hair and scalp has become visible through the hair.

GFC Therapy Cost in Delhi

GFC hair regrowth treatment is a very simple lunch time procedure. A sample of blood is taken, it is centrifuged to remove the platelets from the sample. From the platelets further growth factors are extracted which are concentrated and injected into the thinning area of the scalp. It is now known through a lot of research and studies that our platelets are very rich sources of growth factors, which stimulate our hair roots to make new hair thus increasing hair density.

3 to 4 monthly sittings of GFC are enough to give density. Results are visible in 6 months.

Many patients who were told from other clinics that they were hair transplant candidates, have got stunning improvement with GFC at Chandra Clinic, the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. As compared to other traditional hair growth treatments, this is a more specific and reliable treatment since we are injecting exactly what we need - the growth factors.

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