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What are the goals for any
hair transplant patient?

The hairline should be absolutely natural-looking.
The patient should get good
scalp coverage.
There should not be any side effects of
the procedure.
Bio-IPT FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

Bio-IPT FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

So, how would we be able to achieve all of these?
Very easily through our innovative Bio-IPT FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi at Chandra Clinic, we are able to achieve the aims of hair transplant.

What is Bio-IPT Technique?
TThe full form of bio Bio-IPT is a Biological-Implanter Pen Technique. In India, Bio-IPT is the latest technique of hair transplant. This method is ideal because it holds many benefits and fulfills the purpose of having an effective and natural-looking hair transplant. In this procedure, we use an ultra-fine, sharp punch for extraction and a unique IMPLANTER PEN for implantation to achieve the target of hair restoration. Further, the Bio-IPT technique has no restrictions, and both men and women can opt for healthy and natural-looking hair transplants.

Ideal Candidates for Bio-IPT
In order to ensure good results, determining the candidacy for the procedure is a must. Having good overall health or following post-operative guidelines is necessary for any hair transplant technique. But the major factors that ensure the candidacy for BIO-IPT and achieving great results will need the following:
  • Healthy donor hair, which can be taken from the back of the scalp, chest, or beard.
  • Donor hair should be thick; only then will the result be dense.
Both men and women can opt for shaven or unshaven Bio-IPT.

What are the USPs of the Bio-IPT technique?
Instead of the older conventional reception hole technique in which the grafts are put inside the hole using forceps and the reception holes are made previously, in the Bio-IPT technique the latest implanter pens are used. Secondly, extraction of the grafts from the donor area is done by using ultra-fine super sharp punches that we import directly from the USA. Also, the entire surgery is done by a qualified and experienced surgeon and not by technicians.

BIO IPT Hair Transplant in Delhi

In 2015, Dr. Urvashi started her own hair transplant centre in Delhi, Chandra Clinic. Very promptly Dr. Urvashi came up with a system in her clinic in which there was no compromise at any step.

Dr. Urvashi incorporated the best technology for doing BIO IPT Hair Transplant in Delhi for her patients. She introduced the finest instruments that are available across the globe. She chose a team that was expert at its work and she trained this team to work according to her procedure to give each patient the best expected result.

What makes Bio-IPT so good?

Simple. It is a tested technique that achieves good density along with a totally natural hairline. No doll's hair look; no scanty hair. Smooth, flowy, natural hair. The unique implanter pen achieves this so easily by:
  • Ensuring very high graft survival by minimizing graft damage. It ensures gentle implantation, avoiding graft trauma.
  • Unbelievably natural hairline due to the perfection in angle and direction of the hair and absolutely smooth skin healing.
  • The entire surgery is performed by the surgeon only. No implantation by the technician.
  • Unlike some implanter pen replicas, the Bio-IPT technique ensures NO-PRE-MADE RECEPTION HOLES. In a single shot, a hole is made and grafts are put in.

Best hair transplant technique in Delhi

With Chandra Clinic’s MINI FUE technique, which involves using ultrafine COLE punches imported directly from the USA the scarring in the donor area is 0 there are no marks in the donor area after the surgery. Chandra Clinic’s MINI FUE technique involves the use of an implanter pen for implantation.

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What are the advantages of using the implanter pen?
There are multiple benefits of using the implanter pen.


100% Natural Results
The biggest advantage of BIO IPT Hair Transplant in Delhi is that the result is 100% natural since the implanter pen gives us complete control over the angle and direction of the implanted hair. So much precise control is not possible through the older reception hole technique. In order for the transplanted hair to look very very natural, it is important that the hair grow out in exactly the same angle and direction as the natural hair of that area.  In many clinics, because the angle and direction are not correct we see that the implanted hair looks fence-like and is almost perpendicular to the skin giving a very unnatural appearance. While using the implanter pen such side effects can be easily avoided.


High Graft Survival Rate
The second huge advantage of BIO IPT Hair Transplant in Delhi using the implanter pen is the high graft survival rate. In the older reception hole technique, the grafts are pushed inside the pre-made holes using forceps. This technique of implanting the grafts is usually a little rough and in the process of holding the grafts with forceps and pushing them inside a hole, the grafts can get damaged. Such damaged grafts do not grow. Therefore, the survival rate and the overall result of the transplant deteriorates. On the other side, by using the implanter pen we can ensure a no-touch to root implantation process. Because there is no touching of the root, the graft survival rate is very high ensuring that the overall result of the hair transplant is good. A high survival rate means that the same number of hair actually grows out as the number of roots that we have put in.


Quick Healing & Minimal Downtime
The third big advantage of using the implanter pen is that the bleeding is minimal since there are no pre-made reception holes. In a single shot, the hole is made and the graft is put in. The graft instantaneously plugs the hole which is why there is little or no bleeding.
In our signature BIO IPT Hair Transplant in Delhi, the healing of the donor area is super quick. It is so quick that 90% of our patients are able to join work the next day itself. They are also able to do all their regular activities the next day. We only ask them to avoid exercising for 10 days but other than that there is no restriction on the regular non-strenuous activities. The reason for this super quick healing is the ultra-fine sharp punches which we import directly from the USA. By using these ultra-fine punches the donor area heals within 3 to 4 days of the surgery. At Chandra Clinic, we believe in maintaining quality at par with international standards. We can proudly say that at Chandra Clinic the quality of hair transplants is the same as you would find in USA or London at five times more price. The same quality is offered here at very reasonable prices.


Performed by a Hair Transplant Surgeon Only!
The last benefit that Dr. Urvashi Chandra grades as the highest benefit of the Bio-IPT FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi is that your entire surgery is done by an experienced and qualified surgeon and not by unskilled technicians. One can contact Chandra Clinic for the BIO IPT Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi. It is hard for us to believe that in many clinics across the globe the surgery of hair transplant is left to the technicians. 70-80% of the surgery is done by technicians and only 20-30% is done by the doctor. This is something we cannot even think of since the safety of our patients is our highest priority which is why we do not let the technicians even touch our patients. We follow very high standards wherein we have strict protocols that the surgeon cannot leave the surgery to the technicians for even a minute.

This puts before us some questions such as why don’t all clinics use implanter pens?
The reasons are very simple:

  • Firstly, using implanter pens obviously adds to the cost of the surgery since these are disposable instruments and cannot be reused.
  • Secondly, the use of implanter pens needs a great deal of skill & expertise, which very few hair transplant clinics across the globe have.
  • The third big reason for not using implanted pens is that using them warranties that the surgeon only can do the surgery and not the technicians. In the older reception hole technique, the surgeon only makes the holes and leaves the surgery while the technicians are putting the grafts in the holes. So, in the reception hole technique, the surgeon does not have to invest too much time and effort in the surgery whereas by using implanter pens the surgeon has to invest his or her entire day in the surgery apart from a lot of effort.

Precautions After Bio-IPT Hair Transplant

To achieve great results, following post-operative guidelines is mandatory. It includes:
  • Avoid sun exposure for 10 days. Wear a cap if you have to go out in the sun.
  • Avoid exercise for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid swimming for 10 days.
  • Spray saline solution for 2 days.
  • Take medicine as directed by the doctor.
  • Ensure a proper sleeping position to avoid grafts touching the pillow.
  • Adhere to the doctor's instructions regarding headwashing.

However, if we think in the best interest of the patient using an implanter pen and ultra-fine manual punches is hugely advantageous. To know about the cost of Bio-IPT hair transplant in Delhi, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Check out Dr. Urvashi Chandra exceptional work.
Check out Dr. Urvashi Chandra exceptional work.
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