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6 Benefits of BIO IPT Hair Transplant

08 Jun 2022 By Admin

What is the aim for anyone undergoing a hair transplant?

The result of the transplant should be natural looking and dense. Scalp coverage should be full. Also, these benefits must come without any side effects. So how can one achieve these aims? Lets understand.

In order to make sure that the results looks natural, the surgeon must follow what we call the 6 Ds of graft placement

  1. Correct Direction and angle
  2. Correct Distribution.
  3. Correct Depth
  4. Correct Design
  5. Correct Density Gradient
  6. Correct Donor choice.


Implanter pens guarantee perfection in angle, direction and depth of graft placement. The design, density gradient and choice of correct donor can be precisely decided by a qualified and experienced surgeon.

Coming to the possible side effects of hair transplant, Bio IPT can very well avoid them. So which are the common side effects we see?

  1. Cobblestoning in implanted area: Often the skin in which grafts are placed becomes uneven, prickly and the exit of each hair becomes raised and clearly visible. This problem is easily avoided by the use of implanter pen
  2. Graft failure: We see and hear about cases where a large number of grafts were placed but still the result is not satisfactory. This happens because majority grafts failed to grow. Again this problem is easily avoided by using implanter pens since they are proven to ensure high graft survival and zero graft damage
  3. Poor density: Despite putting in a large number of grafts, the density of transplanted hair appears low. This happens because the grafts have not been put in too close. With the use of implanter pens, grafts can be placed very close to each other thus producing a high density result.
  4. Donor area damage and thinning: Many a times we see that in a single FUE session the donor area of the scalp is scarred and very much thinned out. The person cannot wear his hair short. With the use of ultrafine punches ( imported directly from USA) this problem of scarring is eliminated.
  5. Downtime: Hair transplant patients are often recommended rest for 5 days. However in BIO IPT the rest period is only one day. Because of use of ultrafine instruments, the healing is superfast and one can resume work the next day itself.
  6. Infections and safety concerns: Often hair transplants done by technicians are strewed by infections, pain and health risks. The BIO IPT is done 100% by a qualified surgeon so you know you are in safe hands.

So to sum up the benefits of BIO-IPT:

  1. High density result
  2. Natural looking hairline
  3. No scarring in donor area
  4. Zero downtime
  5. No graft wastage
  6. Safety guaranteed.

These benefits are achieved by the combination of advanced technology, ultrafine instruments, strict sterilization and emergency protocols and an expert surgeon!

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