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Advanced hair check by an expert hair transplant surgeon.

15 Oct 2022 By Admin

Advanced hair check by an expert hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

There are certain criteria that have to be met before a person can go in for hair transplant. There might be those who do not meet up to those criteria and hence do not fit in as an ideal hair transplant candidate. These depend upon:

  1.     Total bald/hair loss area hence total graft requirement.
  2.     Total donor bank that is available in a  lifetime including scalp, beard and body hair.
  3.     Predicting the increase in the bald area with time and age.
  4.     Predicting whether the donor bank will be able to provide for  future hair loss.
  5.     Doing an indepth trichoscopic evaluation of the donor area to understand

                     a. total donor hair density
                     b. average number of hair per follicular unit
                     c. thickness of the hair strand.

          This kind of trichoscopy is extremely crucial for the surgeon as well as patient to understand the strength of the donor area since the quality of donor area is directly proportional to the quality of our hair transplant result.

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