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Five Effective Ways To Deal With Hairfall In Summer

08 Jun 2023 By Admin

Summer hair loss is normal. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, shedding between 50 and 100 hair strands daily is normal. Nonetheless, hair loss is exacerbated in the summer due to a variety of summer-specific environmental causes, such as the sun's drying influence and exposure to chlorine, among others. Furthermore, hair loss can make you self-conscious about your look, causing anxiety and tension. Is it possible to control shedding throughout the summer? There is one. Continue reading to learn more. 

The insights shared by expert hair loss specialist and the best hair fall doctor in Delhi, Dr. Urvashi Chandra, will guide you with a few amazing tips to help you avoid hair fall this summer! Let’s first understand what the causes of hair fall are. 

What are the Most Common Causes of Summer Hair Loss? 

The following are the most typical hair fall causes in the summer: 

  • Hair breakage and thinning are caused by high temperatures and exposure to sunshine.
  • Swimming is a popular summer sport, and the chlorine in pool water is harmful to hair. 
  • Hot weather is known to increase dandruff, which can cause temporary hair loss if left untreated.
  • Wet-brushing your hair causes it to shed more than usual in the summer. Brush your hair only after it has completely dried. 
  • During the summer, the air conditioner is your hair's worst enemy; the dry breeze robs your hair of moisture and makes it prone to breakage.  

Amazing Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Some of the amazing tips that are provided at our best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, Chandra Clinic, are as follows: 

1. Wash Your Hair Frequently. 

Sweating and oiliness of the scalp increase in summer, which attracts dust and pollutants that settle in our roots. These pollutants can cause itchy, allergic, inflamed scalp, which can directly damage our hair roots. So, washing your scalp more frequently is best to avoid all the harm.

2. Consume a Cooling Diet.

Binge on cucumbers and lemon water! Other foods that cool our body are buttermilk, mint, sweet lime, and all fresh, juicy fruits. Avoid spicy, oily and sugary foods. Because it's already hot, our body's metabolism slows down. In such a case, if we eat spicy, chilli foods, our bodies will heat up and will be more prone to redness, reactions, allergies, and inflammation. These adverse effects can cause hair loss.

3. Eat Light, Easily Digestible Foods. 

In summer, our digestion slows down, along with our metabolism. Eating heavy meals can throw our digestive system into a toss. Poor digestion and imbalanced gut health is a leading cause of hair loss. So eat light, low-oil meals.

4. Apply Cooling Oil to the Scalp.

To keep the scalp cool, apply oil to the scalp, like castor oil or coconut oil, in combination with peppermint oil or tea tree oil, an hour before washing once a week. This will cool the scalp and soothe our hair roots.

5. Consume Vitamins and Minerals.

Don’t forget to consume your daily dose of vitamins and minerals in the form of fresh fruits, veggies and salads because, without proper nutrition, our hair can never grow.

If one has tried all the above-mentioned tips to prevent hair loss but is still facing hair fall issues, one must seek a consultation with a hair specialist. There might be some other underlying condition that can be a reason for hair fall. To find the actual root cause and a comprehensive treatment, book an expert consultation with our hair specialist, Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a hair fall doctor renowned for providing the best hair fall treatment in Delhi

To get a better perspective on how we have helped our patients achieve excellent outcomes, you can also go through our before and after results gallery. Let’s start your journey to restore those beautiful locks now!

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