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27 Jul 2022 By Admin

Hair transplant is evolving. From the era of extracting large plugs of skin and implanting in the bald area, to cutting out a strip of skin from the back to extract grafts, to the new age of minimally invasive, scarless, minimal down time BIO IPT hair transplant, we have come a long way. 
So, how did we finally achieve our goal of doing hair transplants that have got us results par excellence, with natural-looking dense hairlines, zero side effects and zero downtime?


The biggest advantage of implanter pens, also called as ‘magical’ implanter pens is that, the results of hair transplant are so beautifully similar to natural hair. 
It is so satisfying for patients as well as doctors to see such excellent results and often patients feel that they have gone back to where they were 10 years back due to the natural results it provides.

So what exactly are these implanter pens doing which differs from others?
Firstly, let us understand where the older FUE technique was lacking:

  1. Sparse hair results: The density was not up to the mark in the FUE technique. The reason behind this was the graft survival, which was not very high. For example, if 3500 grafts were implanted, only 2500 survived, resulting in poor density. Also, pre-made slits were not placed closely as they were large in size.
  2. Unnatural hairlines. The technique of making pre-holes and pushing grafts into them was making the hairline look pluggy, uneven, with hair standing erect, which looked similar to a doll's hair.
  3. Uneven skin healing caused scarring, boils, cobblestoning, and elevated hair exit points.
    However, the newer BIO IPT procedure with implanter pens completely eliminates the issues mentioned above.

Implanters in BIO IPT provides the following: 

  1. Dense results because of high graft survival: In BIO IPT hair transplant, there is no wastage of grafts as the graft survival rate is very high. Due to this, there is no graft failure and each hair implanted will grow. Implanter pens are now proven to be the most superior method of implanting, since it avoids graft damage in any way, ensuring high survival. Also, implanter pens allow close placement of grafts. So, grafts can be implanted with higher density per cm square.
  2. Perfectly natural-looking results: The results are natural looking and appear indistinguishable from natural hair. Perfect angle, direction and depth of implantation results in hair growing exactly how it was growing in that area many years back.
  3. Exceptional skin healing: The healing of the donor area is quite quick. There are minimal scarring, marks, pits, bumps, or any signs of hair transplant observed. In short, the new age BIO IPT procedure eliminates the disadvantages of the regular FUE procedure and gives one the natural result that patient’s look for. 

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