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Is It Possible To Create A Natural Looking Hair Line Post Hair Transplant?

15 Apr 2022 By Admin


So then why are so many clinics producing hairlines that look so unnatural?

The reason is that natural hairlines have some characteristics. These exact features need to be replicated when you do a hair transplant else, it will not look natural.

So what are these features?

  1. The hairline has to have soft single hair. Many clinics use blunt motorized punches for extraction. This gives grafts that are chubby and thick. Such grafts look terrible in the hairline. They give hard, pluggy, doll’s hair like appearance. We at Chandra clinic use ultra fine sharp manual punches which give finer grafts perfectly suited for hairlines. Such hair is soft, flowy and flexible which is how hairline hair typically is. For hairline grafts we use finer punches. For the top hair, where we need good density, we choose a larger punch to extract chubby grafts.
  2. The hairline is always irregularly irregular. So while there are undulations in he hairline, what most clinics do not know is that undulations have to be asymmetrical. Very symmetrical irregularities are also a giveaway that the hairline is a transplanted one.
  3. The hairline designing has to be perfect. Drawing a hairline is an art. Many aspects have to be taken into consideration such as the shape of the face, the age of the patient, the degree of hair loss and estimating future hair loss possibility. Drawing very low hairlines in men with advanced grade of baldness or family history of high grade baldness isn’t the smartest thing to do. Many clinics commit the blunder of rounding off the corners of the hairline or lowering the corners as per the patient’s demand. Remember, the patient is naïve and does not know what design will look like what later on, when the hair will grow. However, we as an expert know the intricacies. So it our duty to explain to the patient how a natural hairline is, and remove any incorrect ideas from his mind.
  4. The type of instrument used to implant hair is also a big factor in the naturalness of the hairline. The typical reception hole technique isn’t the best way to implant hair since it creates a linear slit to implant hair grafts that are circular. So the graft might get distorted. Also, the angle and direction may not remain fixed in that slit.

We at Chandra clinic, use implanter pens with no pre made reception holes. The implanter pens ensure perfectly natural angle and direction, and also a circular entry. Both these factors ensure a perfectly natural looking hairline.

So friends, a natural hairline post transplant is absolutely possible given two things: firstly, the expertise of the surgeon, and secondly, the instruments and technique used.

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