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What We Need To Know Before Going For Hair Transplant?

08 Jun 2022 By Admin

When you visit a clinic for a hair transplant, often the information given to you is about your graft requirement and cost. However, this information is not complete for a person desiring to go in for a hair transplant.

So what are all the important facts one must know before opting for this procedure? Let us see:

  1. HAIR TRANSPLANT IS NOT THE FINAL SOLUTION. Often patients think that once a person undergoes a hair transplant, it is the end of the hair loss problem. However, hair transplant is meant only to replace hair in the area where we have lost them completely. It in no way can control the ongoing process of hair loss.
  2. ANDROGENTIC ALOPECIA (male/female pattern hair loss) IS PROGRESSIVE. In simple words, the hair loss that you are currently facing has to be controlled with the help of medications and GFC therapy, else the hair loss will continue.
  3. YOU MAY NEED MORE TRANSPLANT SESSIONS. Considering that the process of hair loss might continue, in future there might be more areas where bald patches might develop, for which more sessions of transplant might be needed.
  4. BIO IPT HAIR TRANSPLANT HAS VERY HIGH SUCCESS RATE. The technique of hair transplant, the instruments used and the experience and qualifications of the performing surgeon: all make a huge difference to the success of a hair transplant. 
  5. HAIR TRANSPLANT IS GENERALLY A VERY SAFE SURGERY as long as its done in hygienic, sterilized medical setup, by a qualified doctor. The clinic must have all emergency equipment.
  6. SCARRING: Depending upon the technique used there may be more scarring or minimal scarring. 
  7. HIGH DENSITY HAIR TRANSPLANT IS POSSIBLE with the BIO-IPT TECHNIQUE that uses implanter pens that ensure close placement and high survival. However, one must have sufficient donor area as high density placement means a high graft number requirement.
  8. DONOR AREA IS LIMITED. The grafts taken from the back do not grow back. Hence, the donor area supply is limited. THIS MAKES IT ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE THE BEST TECHNIQUE OF HAIR TRANSPLANT to ensure high graft survival and zero graft wastage.
  9. FOR HIGHER GRADES OF HAIR LOSS generally one session is not sufficient to cover entire area. one or more sittings may be needed.
  10. USE OF BODY HAIR: use of body hair grafts may be required in case your scalp donor is insufficient to cover up the entire area of hair loss.
  11. NOT EVERYONE CAN UNDERGO HAIR TRANSPLANT. The donor hair quality is an extremely important parameter for success of a transplant. If the donor hair is thin and week, hair transplant is probably not possible.

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